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Nationwide experts in permit expediting. Let Us Be Your Easy Button!

At Titan Services, we’re more than just a permit expediter. We’re dedicated to streamlining the entire permitting process so you can focus on what matters and do what you do best. Your success is our success.

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Due Diligence

We excel in streamlining the permitting process, and the first step is knowing submittal procedures and requirements. Our knowledgeable team is skilled in determining and acquiring all necessary permits for any residential, commercial, or industrial construction projects, in any municipality.

Submittal Process

Every project is assigned to a skilled permit expediter from our team of experts. To ensure efficient submission and diligent tracking of permits, the expert will maintain ongoing communication throughout the process.


Your reliable permit expediters will oversee the approval process and provide you with consistent progress updates until permits are successfully issued. In addition, we offer an in-house tracking system that gives you 24/7 access to monitor the status of your permits.

National Scope. Local Expertise.

We serve as your one-stop shop for all permitting requirements for building and construction. Regardless of location or scale, we specialize in due diligence, plan review filing, and follow-through until permit approval for construction projects of any kind. Our permit experts provide exceptional project management and customer service. From one-off works to multi-site, multi-state initiatives, everyone benefits.

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The Experts in Permit Expediting for...

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