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National Scope. Local Expertise.

Titan Services assists you in acquiring the building permits required to launch your projects. We'll give prompt results while saving you money, headaches, and time. It benefits everyone.

Construction Site


To deliver unparalleled permit expediting services, empowering our partners to save time, reduce costs, and increase profitability.


To be the trusted partner in reliable permit expediting to architects, general contractors, developers, and builders of any kind, from coast to coast.

Leadership Team: Our leaders have decades of experience assisting clients in obtaining the required building permits for a range of commercial projects. We understand how difficult and tedious it may be to get the appropriate permits for various jurisdictions. To make the permission process faster and less time-consuming, we cut through the clutter. We have team members throughout the country, and we can scale to meet the demands of multi-site programs.

Customer Support Team: A permit specialist is assigned to each customer and will guide them through the whole permitting procedure. Strong attention to detail and a positive outlook are key to our business culture. By staying on top of approvals and resolving any problems that crop up, we reduce expensive delays. Why try to figure out what is needed when you can leave the details to us and save time?


Field Team: Let us carry out your permit process while you focus on the bigger picture. When in-person submittals are required, our field team will gladly stand in line for you. We are reputable service providers with precise, thorough submissions.

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