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 Healthcare Facility Permit Services

Streamlining Healthcare Facility Modifications

Modernizing old facilities and keeping up with the need of a developing healthcare infrastructure call for healthcare facility modifications. Updates and planning for natural disaster facility upkeep are needed for aging hospitals and healthcare facilities. There has been an increase in the building of short-term rehabilitation facilities, day surgery clinics, urgent care locations, nursing homes, doctor's offices, birthing facilities, blood donation centers, medical offices, dialysis centers, hospice homes, imaging and radiology centers, cancer centers, orthopedic and other rehabilitation centers. An essential component of the design-build process is the requirement for building permits. Titan Services can speed up permitting by providing a team of permit professionals qualified to handle plan review filings in-person or online in any jurisdiction, regardless of whether it's for a single healthcare facility or a statewide urgent care roll-out program.


Due Diligence/Code Check Reports

Titan Services conducts code requirements research for each municipality to give pre-design services. In accordance with the zoning of a certain site, our reports specify the permitted signage and requirements. These reports are yet another technique to guarantee design conformity and expedite the granting of permits.

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