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Making sure projects are filed to the appropriate authorities and processing building permits frequently falls under the responsibility of the architects. Architects can concentrate on design and code rather than managing permits by contracting Titan Services to handle their commercial permitting needs. We have expert permission specialists on staff in multiple jurisdictions.


General Contractors

We support general contractors in obtaining building permits as soon as feasible. By removing the administrative effort of obtaining permits, Titan Services enables contractors to concentrate on what they do best—managing projects—instead.


Retail and Restaurant Brands

It is practically hard to be aware of all jurisdictional regulations, deadlines, and costs prior to a brand's local, regional, or nationwide roll-out. By essentially automating and streamlining the permitting process, Titan Services' nationwide requirement database can help save time and money. Our permit specialists are knowledgeable about the particular difficulties that each city or county faces and have developed strong connections in all key markets, advancing plan review to approval.


Managing many projects with a variety of subcontractors in various jurisdictions is a common challenge for builders. By locating all AHJs and their specifications, Titan Services can assist builders in managing the permitting procedure. Projects can be kept on schedule and within budget with the help of proper administrative support and jurisdictional expertise.



Large-scale project and roll-out program developers frequently have administrative issues related to permitting. By offering knowledgeable employees to handle crucial issues, Titan Services can drastically save the time required for permit issuance and program administration.


Wireless Network Builders

All forms of wireless site projects, including new site builds, site changes, small cells, Dish network, 5G upgrades, or IDAS, are managed by Titan Services. We completed them all! In order to achieve project timelines, we collaborate closely with telecom project management teams and provide expedited permit submittal, tracking, forecasting, and delivery tools.



Engineers can manage and address all permit needs more effectively with the aid of Titan Services. Since we are familiar with how information is processed within each municipality, we are able to control the review procedure and contribute to the quickest possible project start-up. Our previous experiences installing racking systems in new data centers has prepared us to work with engineers in project management consultation.

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