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Your key to accelerating the building permit application is Titan Services!

Get permits quicker without standing in line at the building department!

For the benefit of our clients, Titan Services works in every jurisdiction on projects of any size to obtain commercial construction licenses. Our permit specialists oversee the entire procedure and verify all specifications in accordance with the scope of work. Only accurate information is entered, and we make sure it gets processed. Titan Services uses an automated tracking and data system and puts up a lot of effort to keep projects on schedule. We complete this task so you can complete yours.


Save money - Your time is worth dollars, spend less with Titan Services

We make sure that all required paperwork and data is filed accurately the first time, keeping your project on schedule. You or your team won't have to waste time contacting the neighborhood building department if you use Titan Services. Utilizing your personnel for more productive jobs can enable you to launch your business construction project. By avoiding costly errors at the municipal level, you can save money.


Save time and miss the phone tag and trips to the permit building departments

Give the professionals control of the permit acquiring procedure. Through experience, we have learned the specific needs and approval sequences for each jurisdiction, allowing us to simplify submittals. Until your permit is in your possession, we keep you informed about the progress of the municipal review procedure. The time-consuming task of figuring out the re-submission process is not necessary. We complete this task so you can complete yours.


Any Project Type

We can accommodate your demands whether you are an architect, builder, sign installer, franchise owner, or general contractor with a single project or multi-site initiatives. We have specialized permit specialists and in-house tracking tools that are designed to help get permits across the country on schedule and within budget. Various sectors and project types are served by us:

   •    Telecom
   •    Commercial
   •    Hotel
   •    Retail
   •    Restaurant
   •    C-Stores
   •    Petroleum

•    Healthcare
•    Industrial Warehouse

•    Hospitality 
•    Entertainment
•    Education
•    Grocery

•    Solar
•    Signage
•    Banking
•    Property Management

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