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Simplify the permit procedure!

With the aid of Titan Services' resources, national retailers may swiftly and within budget carry out their plans to renovate existing locations or expand across the country. By accelerating the permit and licenses procedure, we work with you to launch new sites rapidly. Knowing that they can keep to their timeline for adding new sites gives our customers peace of mind


Our procedure for obtaining retail licenses and permissions entails:

  • Attentive research. Beforehand, we will compile the necessary data, set up specialized tracking systems, and validate the project's contractors.

  • Delivering pre-submission assistance. We'll handle all the paperwork to make sure it's accurate and comprehensive.

  • Whenever necessary, provide in-person submittal services. We will constantly work to provide our customers with the quickest review time possible. We can manage simultaneous submittals and have local and national representatives ready.

  • We will keep an eye on the project at all times and update you. You'll receive a five-day status update, and if required, we can even offer daily status updates.

  • If corrections are needed, we will provide you the "ready to issue" version. Each location will receive an orderly copy of all the documents for posting.

For a free project appraisal and quotation, get in touch with Titan Services.

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