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Hospitality Permit Specialists

Titan Services is essential in handling all permit needs and schedules while getting ready for new construction, hotel renovations, or altering brand identification. Our experienced permit specialists lead teams through the application process and passionately and ethically oversee each restoration project for the hospitality industry. Titan Services works hand in hand with the renovation team to make sure the necessary permits are issued and deadlines are followed, whether it be a brand conversion or planned property enhancements for guest rooms, ADA compliance, meeting rooms, lobbies, restaurants, bars, convention centers, or more. In addition to managing hospitality roll-out programs across several states and jurisdictions, Titan Services also offers weekly tracking systems and status updates on plan reviews.


Our full service permitting includes: 

  • Examining and compiling the necessary permits and documentation

  • Completion and submission of the application

  • Follow-up at the municipal level, handling any necessary rectification resubmissions

  • Tracking of expiration dates and preservation of historical copies of all paperwork

At Titan Services, we recognize how crucial it is to make sure hotel renovations and hospitality restoration projects go off without a hitch. A permit expediter can help construction teams properly apply for permits, adopt efficient timetables, and save time and money by becoming involved as early as possible. In order to reach milestone objectives and address potential plan review problems, we provide innovative solutions. We are a clear choice to handle all of your permits needs due to our relentless pursuit of quality and experience dealing with hospitality businesses across the country.

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